Amassing a body of knowledge about retirement income issues, trends, products, and solutions is a key focus of the Institutional Retirement Income Council. The artifacts and work products available on this site can enable advisers and consultants to become subject matter experts on institutional solutions. By making income part of their practice, advisors and consultants can stay ahead of this trend and differentiate their practice. By sharing insights, opinions, best practices and evaluation tools, the IRIC and advisors / consultants are helping to ensure that plan sponsors feel confident in their decisions to enhance their defined contribution plans to include retirement income solutions.

Listen to an excerpt from Marty Schmidt, from a PLANSPONSOR Webcast, highlighting where the market is now.

Listen to an excerpt from Martha Tejera, from a PLANSPONSOR Webcast, underlining key questions Sponsors are asking.

Comparison of the SECURE 2.0 Act of 2022 and Present Law

Retirement Trends to Watch in 2023

As larger numbers of Americans near retirement age, a renewed focus on retirement income is expected.

From Auto-Enrollment to Auto-Escalation to Auto-Income: How DC Plan Defaults Can Evolve to Improve American Retirement Security

Evolving solutions available to sponsors, addressing fiduciary and portability concerns, and next steps for plan sponsors, record keepers, insurers and consultants.

Delivering Additional Income Through Lower-Cost Products and Services Available in the Defined Contribution Industry

An easy way for sponsors and advisors to improve financial wellness and retirement readiness programs.

Exploring the Process of Adding an Income Solution to Your Retirement Plan

A plan sponsor’s guide to retirement income; settlor functions and fiduciary considerations when adding income solutions to your plan.

Cumulative Benefits of Retirement Income Solutions in Our DC System

The advantages of institutional retirement income for sponsors, participants and society.

The Evolving DC Plan
– From Accumulation to De-accumulation

The next evolution of plan design will be the distribution options offered by employers as part of their defined contribution (DC) plans.

In-Plan Guaranteed Lifetime Income:
Debunking Portability Myths

In this paper IRIC outlines the questions and answers every plan sponsor should know about income portability and the solutions that exist today.

Key Questions to Consider

Plan sponsors should ask themselves the following preliminary questions prior to analyzing any type of retirement plan income solution.

Evaluation Scorecard for Retirement
Income Products

In this paper, Mendel Melzer and Julie Leinenbach introduce a set of metrics that plan sponsors and their consultants can utilize in assessing the suitability of a retirement income strategy in a DC plan.

Institutional Retirement Income Solutions
White Paper

IRIC’s view as to why adding retirement income solutions to enhanced defined contribution plans is critical to the future financial security of working Americans.

Advantages to Offering Retirement
Income Solutions

Offering retirement income solutions provides significant advantages to both DC plan participants and employers.

The Problem With Spending Too Fast

In this article, Fred Reish, et al. focus on different strategies that will produce a ‘safe’ withdrawal rate for individuals who participate in their employer’s 401(k) or 403(b) retirement plans.

The Problem With Living Too Long

In this paper, Fred Reish discusses the impact of increased life expectancy while 401(k) plans become the dominant form of employer-provided retirement plan.

Effective Due Diligence

This paper highlights some of the critical issues and questions that companies may consider as they evaluate guaranteed lifetime income options.

Fiduciary Considerations for Insured Retirement Income Products

Focus on guaranteed withdrawal benefits.