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Income Solutions in Defined Contribution Plans

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Critical Questions Income Solutions:
Income Solutions in Defined Contribution Plans

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Income Solutions in Defined Contribution Plans:
A qualitative research project summary

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D.C. Retirement Income – A Decision Tree for Sponsors
An IRIC Presentation

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Defined Contribution Retirement Income Solutions, A Decision Tree for Sponsors
An IRIC Presentation

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How Much Retirement Income Can your Savings Generate
Author – Steve Vernon

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IRIC Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting

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Plan Sponsors Have Multiple Options for Creating Income Streams for Participants

Annuities should be considered, and the type to offer in a DC plan depends on several factors.

Recording of Webinar 3 – WHICH ONES? An In-depth Review of Available Solutions on the Market Today

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Recording of Webinar 2 – HOW? Introduction to Step by Step Tools on the Decision Making Process

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Recording of Webinar 1 – WHY? Retirement Income from a Plan Design and Settlor Function Perspective

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IRIC’s segmentation committee reviewed the sponsor, recordkeeper and advisor segments of the DC market and found common attributes within each segment.  By understanding the common attributes, constituents can efficiently identify those sponsors, advisors and / or recordkeepers that can successfully deliver institutional retirement income solutions

Advisor Segmentation

RK Segmentation

RI Segmentation Sponsors

IRIC Interview with UTC

Article brief – An interview with Kevin Hanney – Senior Director, Pension Investments at United Technologies Corporation (UTC) and the Institutional Retirement Income Council (IRIC)

IRIC Identifies Retirement Industry Trends to Watch in 2018

Iselin, NJ, January 8, 2018 – The Institutional Retirement Income Council (IRIC), a non-profit think tank for the retirement income planning community, today released its list of top retirement industry trends for plan sponsors, providers, and advisors to watch in 2018.

IRIC Update Volume 5, No. 2

Institutional Priced Retirement Income Solutions Deliver More Income.

IRIC Update Volume 5, No. 1

Plan Sponsors and Retirement Income: What’s In It For Me?

IRIC Update Volume 4, No. 1

Retirement Income Products: Which one is right for your plan?

IRIC Update Volume 3, No. 3

Quantifying Key Risks in Retirement.

IRIC Update Volume 3, No. 2

The Problem with Spending too Fast: Retirement Savings Withdrawal Rates.

IRIC Update Volume 3, No. 1

Retirement Income in DC Plans: What Our Experience with DB Plans Tells Us.

IRIC Update Volume 2, No. 10

Understanding How Guarantee Fees are Structured and Paid in Institutional Retirement Income Products.

IRIC Update Volume 2, No. 9

The Retirement Income Menu: An Idea Whose Time Has Come.

IRIC Update Volume 2, No. 8

Retirement Income Products: Will Employees Welcome or Resent This Form of Employer Activism?

Lessons learned from United Technologies’ Lifetime Income Strategy Initiative

January 2018, Money Management Report

An interview with Kevin Hanney – Senior Director, Pension Investments at United Technologies Corporation (UTC)

October 2017, United Technologies Corporation and Institutional Retirement Income Council

Industry Research: Articles that summarize research findings but do not include information about specific products.

What is a Non-Guaranteed Retirement Income Payout?

March, 2024

DC Solutions | Retirement Income Beliefs, A Roadmap to Optimal Solutions

Retirement Plans: Guaranteed Income Means Better Outcomes
What it takes to make it part of you plan

Addressing the Retirement Income Puzzle

Annuity Foundations for Fiduciaries

CANNEX Funding Your Personal Pension

Annuities Help Overcome Retirement Risks for Plan Sponsors

Overcoming Annuity Bias

DCIO Secure Income Building Financial Confidence Infographic

Next Generation Target Date Strategies

Guaranteed Lifetime Income in Retirement with Annuities

Benefits Pro Q&A on Retirement Income Solutions

Redefining the Goal of Retirement Planning – Essay Collection by Steve Vernon and Others

From Savings to Income: The Next Evolution of Defined Contribution Plans

No one rushing to add annuity income option

SECURE Summary by Drinker Biddle

2019 Willis Towers Watson Lifetime Income Solution Survey Results

Georgetown Report on Retirement Income Solutions

While auto enroll, auto invest and auto escalate are innovations that are having a positive impact on savings and investing during the accumulation years, there has been less innovation in the tools and solutions to help participants once they reach retirement. However, demand is growing for DC plans to evolve from accumulating retirement savings to generating retirement.  Willis Towers Watson along with the Center for  Retirement Initiatives (CRI) look at the demand for income, the various solutions available on the market, why it is critical to offer income solutions within our DC system and how we can use behavioral finance to nudge folks to a more secure retirement.

QDIA evolutions – Moving defined contribution plans into the future

This Willis Towers Watson study explores the evolution of QDIAs , how forward thinking sponsors are using QDIAs today and if the inclusion of retirement income into the QDIA can improve plan design for certain sponsors.

Providing incentives for annuities within retirement plans

To mature into a strong safety net, workplace retirement plans must be able to deliver guaranteed lifetime income

Guaranteed Retirement Income Update | Closing the Guarantee Gap Whitepaper

How policymakers can restore the role of lifetime income in workplace retirement plans.

Lincoln Secured Retirement Income Solution: Fiduciary Process in Evaluating In-Plan Guarantees

The Retirement Decision: Current Influences on the Timing of Retirement Among Older Workers

This paper investigates the influences on retirement behavior among older workers who were surveyed by the Health and Retirement Study (1992-2004). It is found that increases in all categories of wealth (pension, housing equity and other financial wealth) raise…

Managing Retirement Benefits Amid Capital Market Disruption

This white paper discusses the challenges retirement plan providers face, and the increasingly active and critical role finance executives play in addressing those challenges. The paper examines the steps being taken to consider introducing new products that protect plan participants by providing guaranteed income during retirement…

Annuities Unveiled: A Guide to the Different Types of Annuities

Provided by Morningstar

Guaranteeing a Secure Retirement – A Practical Guide for Selecting DC Plan Lifetime Income Options

Guaranteed Income Investment Options in DC Plans
Provided by LIMRA

Participant Attitudes Toward Guaranteed Income In a Defined-Contribution Plan
Alliance for Lifetime Income

Building Retirement Income Into Your Existing DC Plan Offering
Presented by Russell Investment

Lifetime Income to Support Longer Life
Principal Financial Group

Russel Retirement Income Partic Review

Russel Retirement Income Partic Review: Part 2

Wells Fargo’s New Annuity Wagon

How Best to Annuitize Defined Contribution Assets

Death of DOL Rule Drives RO Business

Microsoft and Blockrock Partnership with Retirement Income

BlackRock’s Decumulation in Defined Contribution – The Second Act

Fiduciary Implications of Flexible Retirement Income Solutions

Pension Benefit Statements – Lifetime Income Illustrations, RIN 1210-AB20

ERISA Advisory Council Testimony

RESA 2018 Comment Letter

Letter In Support Of Retirement Income Disclosure 1

Letter In Support Of Retirement Income Disclosure 2

IRIC’s Comment Letter On ANPRM

Memo Re IRIC Meeting With Mark Iwry And Treasury

How Best to Annuitize Defined Contribution Assets?

Design Matters: Plan Distribution Options

A Financial Wellness Primer | Why Financial Wellness?

Designing And Communicating Retirement For Humans

How To Pensionize Any IRA 401k Final

Stanford Retirement Income

Guaranteed Lifetime Income And The Importance Of Plan Design

Retirement Income In- Plan vs. Out-Of-Plan Solutions, Which Is Better?

Institutional Investment Advisors and Consultants Forum: Developing Expertise and Insights


Making the Case

Optimizing Outcomes with Available Solutions – Steve Vernon

Optimizing Outcomes with Available Solutions: Insured – Jeff Eng, CFA

Optimizing Outcomes with Available Solutions: Non-insured and out-of-plan – Ben Yahr, FS, CFA

Fiduciary Considerations – Prepared by Bruce Ashton, Presented by Martin Schmidt

Encouraging Utilization – Presented by Jean Martone

Administration Issues – Presented by Clark Frese

Integration with Advisor’s Existing Practice – John Pickett, Michael Preisz

Wrap-up – Martha Tejera