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Industry Research: Articles that summarize research findings but do not include information about specific products.

Lessons learned from United Technologies' Lifetime Income Strategy Initiative


Lincoln Secured Retirement Income Solution: Fiduciary Process in Evaluating In-Plan Guarantees


An interview with Kevin Hanney – Senior Director, Pension Investments at United Technologies Corporation (UTC)


Guaranteed Retirement Income Update: A Timeline of Regulatory Guidance


Designing and Communicating Retirement Plans for “Humans”


Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefits: Considerations for Plan Sponsors

Written by Robert N. Eccles, Gregory F. Jacob and Wayne Jacobsen of O’Melveny & Myers, LLP, this article demonstrates that fiduciary standards applicable to offering GLWB products are no different than the standards applied to fiduciaries relative to the selections of any other investment or guaranteed lifetime income option.  “Using this roadmap in conjunction with other available guidance, plan fiduciaries should feel confident in their ability to construct a prudent process, consistent with their legal obligations, for evaluating, selecting, and administering GLWBs.”  The publication of this article has been financed in part by the Institutional Retirement Income Council (IRIC). View

The Next Evolution In Defined Contribution Retirement Plan Design

This guide is intended to educate plan sponsors and their advisors on the key issues with implementing retirement income programs in DC plans, and help plan sponsors carry out their due diligence when considering such a program. It describes various retirement income generators, demonstrates that the different retirement income generators produce significantly different amounts of retirement income at and during retirement, and contains checklists for plan sponsors to follow when implementing a retirement income program. View

Better Participant Outcomes through In-Plan Guaranteed Retirement Income

This white paper identifies the impact that in-plan guaranteed retirement income options have on a participant's:

  • readiness for retirement;
  • potential for improved retirement outcomes.

This white paper also introduces fact-based learnings which substantiate participant desire and behavioral results when an in-plan guaranteed retirement income option is available within their defined contribution retirement plan. View

From buyer beware to buyer aware

In this paper we present guidance that plan sponsors can use to help overcome selection ambiguity and move from buyer beware to buyer aware. We focus on how to quantify and compare alternative solutions in terms that matter to participants - income terms - in order to better align the selection process with what participants want. View

Employers Benefit by Adding a Retirement Income Option

Although workers will benefit by the addition of retirement income option, employers will benefit as well. View

Generating Retirement Income for Participants

IRIC member Steve Vernon has written extensively on ways retirement plan participants can generate retirement income. These sources include 401(k)s, IRAs, as well Social Security. View

Retirement Income

In this article appearing in PlanSponsor Magazine, IRIC's Martha Tejera is interviewed about her thoughts on the adoption of retirement income in DC plans. view

Reclaiming the Future

The Allianz "Reclaiming the Future" study looks at the unique needs, perceptions, and strategies that define the baby boomer generation's need to rethink retirement. The study revealed several key findings which will be of interest to those concerned with how currently designed 401(k) plans will provide financial security to future retirees. view

The Retirement Decision: Current Influences on the Timing of Retirement Among Older Workers

This paper investigates the influences on retirement behavior among older workers who were surveyed by the Health and Retirement Study (1992-2004). It is found that increases in all categories of wealth (pension, housing equity and other financial wealth) raise...view

Managing Retirement Benefits Amid Capital Market Disruption

This white paper discusses the challenges retirement plan providers face, and the increasingly active and critical role finance executives play in addressing those challenges. The paper examines the steps being taken to consider introducing new products that protect plan participants by providing guaranteed income during retirement...view

American Workers - Getting Ahead or Just Getting By?

This recently released white paper from Allliant Credit Union and the International Society of Certified Employee Benefit Specialists (ISCEBS) examines American workers' ability to manage their finances and provides an in-depth look at how well companies think they provide for their employees...view

Who Prefers Annuities? Observations About Retirement Decisions

As baby boomers retire, they must decide how to receive payouts from their defined benefit (DB) plans, defined contribution (DC) plans and personal savings. Many pension experts believe that life annuities are the best way for retirees to...view

Survey on Default Investments and DOL's Proposed Regulations

Automatic enrollment arrangements and the corresponding default investment provisions in defined contribution (DC) plans have been gaining popularity as a way to help more workers save for retirement...view

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