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Plan Design

Includes roles of products and comparison how they can meet client needs and expectations.

IRIC Update Volume 2, No.6 - The Problem with Living Too Long

People are living longer and many of us consider this a good thing. But increased longevity creates issues for workers as 401(k)s become the more common form of retirement plan...view

IRIC Update Volume 2, No.2 - IRIC Members Speak

A number of short videos are now available in the Reference Library which feature IRIC members discussing many of the retirement income related topics currently on the minds of professionals and plan sponsors who work with the defined contribution plans...view

IRIC Update Volume 1, No.2 - Ten Reasons Plans Sponsors Should Have a Guaranteed Retirement Income Benefit in Their Retirement Plan

IRIC member Michael Preisz shares his view on why plans sponsors should consider adding income guarantees to their DC plans....view

It's Time for Income

For many DC plans, the current financial crisis may be the tipping point. Plan sponsors across the country continue field calls from participants worried about the financial crisis and its impact on retirement savings...view

Can a Hybrid 401(k) Save Retirement?

The holy grail is a pension/401(k) mixture that pays out for the rest of your life-but shaken administrators may not be ready for it...view

The Security of a Guarantee

A recent convergence of new, analytical rigor and computational power allows sophisticated risk-management techniques to be applied even to...view

Recent Developments in Life Annuity Markets and Products

Immediate fixed life annuities can play an important role in the distributions from defined contribution plans, to reduce the risk of outliving assets during retirement. Lifetime payouts from these traditional commercial products, however...view

Retirement Plan Design: Past, Present and Future

The last 10 years have seen a shift in the U.S. retirement system. Some large employers have switched from defined benefit (DB) plans...view

Default Investment Options in Defined Contribution Plans: A Simple Comparison

The last 10 years have seen a shift in the U.S. retirement system. Some large employers have switched from defined benefit (DB) plans...view

Ensuring Retirement Income

Insurance companies are racing to develop annuities for 401(k) plans, and participants just may bite in the current market...view

The Retirement Income Landscape

The Vanguard Center for Retirement Research has just released its new report, The Retirement Income Landscape. The report analyzes conventional strategies as well as innovative ways to translate lump-sum savings into a stream of income in retirement-from...view

Asset Allocation

Focused primarily on asset allocation strategies and approaches for clients.

Influences on Workers' Asset Allocations in Defined Contribution

Defined contribution (DC) plan participants in the private sector who are younger, better-educated, more risk-tolerant, and have an employer-sponsored...view

Optimizing the Equity-Bond-Annuity Portfolio in Retirement: The Uncertain Health Expenses

This paper derives optimal equity-bond-annuity asset portfolios for households in the retirement phase who, with or without a bequest motive, face stochastic capital market...view

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